Welcome to Lucy's Soap Kitchen

Hey there, I'm Lucy......

...a funky headscarf wearing mum of two beautiful girls, working from my home studio in rural Leitrim, Ireland.


Do you suffer with red and reactive skin? Tight feeling dry skin? Tingles and irritations? Itchy throat and ears?
Are you feeling fed up & frustrated?  

Gosh I understand! My skin is so sensitive. In the past, it has completely controlled my life.

My handmade natural soap and skincare is designed to bring calm to sensitive skin. To help reduce your synthetic chemical overload.
I create what works for me and my allergic girls. 

Simple yet effective, nut free, dairy free, gluten free and preservative free Irish skincare.  

Life with allergies can certainly be tricky. You can read more about our life with nut anaphylaxsis and eczema on my soapy blog!

When I'm not blending in my soap studio you will find me adventuring with my girls or in my polytunnel and kitchen garden. Growing as much as we can and appreciating a quieter, more sustainable, way of life.

Enjoy browsing & send me a message using the contact form (or via a comment on my blog) if I can help.
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(I'm not on Linkedin, twittering, or snap-chatting - any more would tip me over the social media edge....) 

Chat soon,

Lucy x