Frequently Asked Questions...

Here are the questions I'm asked most frequently about my natural skincare products.

  • Are your products tested on animals?

No my products are not tested on animals. They are tested on willing humans. My ingredients are purchased from Irish and UK suppliers that are all committed to sourcing from "cruelty free" suppliers. It is against EU regulations to test on animals.

  • Do you make all this yourself?

Yes, I make everything from scratch here from my home attic studio. My hubby currently fills the role of 'Head Dispatches Officer' and takes packages on post days - currently Monday's and Thursday's. 

  •  I'm interested in selling your products in my shop,  do you wholesale your soap and skincare?

I currently do not wholesale my soap and skincare. I am a small scale 'indie skincare' maker and want to make sure I stay that way. I want to live as sustainable and simple life as possible. We grow as much food as we can in our 30 by 15 foot poly tunnel and kitchen garden. We are home educating our 2 daughters. Both these are very important commitments to me and rightly take much time and attention. Selling direct gives me the necessary return for my valuable allocated work time. Also allowing me to keep my prices fair and affordable for people, like me, that don't have a lot of expendable income but need and want a natural, sensitive and allergy friendly skincare product.
Selling direct also means I can ensure my skincare is stored correctly prior to sale and that the jar you get is fresh and in optimum condition (ie it hasn't been sat on a shelf for 6 months). An important factor, in view of my desire to have preservative free products. 

  • Do you use preservatives in your products? 

No, I choose not to use preservatives in my natural skincare products. Did you know many people are sensitive to them? Myself included. Because of this I do not use water in my products, they are anhydrous. This means I am not obliged to use a preservative. I therefore also choose not to add ingredients (such as hyaluronic acid, a current 'buzz' ingredient) that require blending with water and thus preserving. This means the products will feel richer but as a little goes a long way they give good value. I know I am not alone in preferring to have a truly 100 % natural (by this I mean no synthetic chemical additions or an ingredient 'naturally derived' but so manipulated that it really is stretching it to call it natural). And I gladly prefer to have a richer product that i just need to use less of on mine and my children's skin. 

  • As your products are natural without preservatives should I keep them in the fridge? 

No, there is no need. They will remain in stable optimum condition stored in a dry place with no extremes of temperature. Please use them with clean, dry hands so you do not introduce any 'nasties' into the jar. It's also good practice not to leave a jar unopened in a damp bathroom where water or condensation might contaminate. 

  • Will Lucy's Soap Kitchen Sensitive Skincare products cure my eczema (or my child's eczema) naturally?

I wish I could answer yes here. I do see makers who say their products cure eczema and perhaps they do improve temporarily. BUT eczema is an auto immune disease and what you see on the skin is an outward symptom of a number of possible issues. Newer studies feel that it can be a genetic factor- that a protein in the skin dna is missing. Often it is allergy related.  So eczema flareups are predominantly dependent on internal factors. We only recommend our unscented products for regular eczema skin 'maintenance'. Through our own experience we know diet, allergen exposure and heat have more effect on the control of flare ups than an external application of skin treatment. BUT in the support of these other factors our skincare is gentle and the ingredients have emollient, hydrating, and beneficial properties. And with a contact dermatitis our handmade soap and skin balms/salves can definitely help to heal and prevent re-occurrence.  

  • Which products do you recommend for my eczema skin?

We only recommend our unscented products in the Sensitive and Baby Skin category for regular eczema prone skin 'maintenance'. With delicate and sensitive skin it's important to be aware of skin sensitisation, which can occur especially with products containing essential oils. 
Emmy's Balm and Au Naturel Skin Mousse have gone through additional safety assessments and are certified for use from newborn.