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How to use your bath-bomb kit - tutorial #2 - Getting started!

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Using your bath bomb kit - Bath-bomb Kit Tutorial #2

 Now you have your equipment ready, lets start using your kit and make bath bombs!

Here is bathbomb making kit tutorial #2 

Using your bathbomb making kit

Wash your hands & make sure your 'making' space is clean.

Empty some of the bath bomb mixture into your bowl & mix thoroughly, breaking up any clumpy bits with your fork. If you don't use the full bag of pre-blended base be sure to reseal it to stop air or moisture getting in and 'setting' your unused ingredients.

Spray some of your witch hazel in, mix well and press it together in your hands. When the mix is ready to make your bathbomb it should stay together like damp sand. In this first photo, the mix is too crumbly. It will just break up when you unmould. 

 bath bomb mix too dry  

 If it is too dry spray more witch hazel into the mixture. Try 3-4 sprays. If it fizzes a little just mix quickly and it will stop. When it feels like damp sand you are ready to make your bath bomb! In this image the consistency of the mix is just right...

 bath bomb mixture ready

Put the botanicals (flower petals) you would like to use for decoration in one of your small bowls.

Now you are ready to watch Bathbomb Making Kit Tutorial #3 



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