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  1. What to expect from a solid shampoo bar_ Lucys Soap Kitchen (2)

    **Blog post in progress, pop back later for completed post**

    Since the Cider & Ginger solid shampoo bar was released in 2016 it's been my bestselling product. A strong customer desire for plastic free cosmetics and less plastic bottles in the shower is increasing demand. I've been asked lots of questions about using the solid shampoo bar and received lots of helpful feedback from customers. I'm sharing this feedbackto help answer your questions aboout what to expect when using your shampoo bar.

  2. how do i sell my handmade soap and skincare_ lucys soap kitchen

    You've been making lovely soap and body butters for a while. Everyone says you should sell it. Can you? What do you need to know and do in order to legally sell your soap (or other skincare) within Ireland and Europe? What about the U.S.? How can you ensure that you are protecting yourself should someone have an allergic reaction to oneof your products?