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  1. Creative Friends of Lucy's Soap Kitchen - meet the 'Quiet Creative'

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    A conversation, creative friends series Lucys Soap Kitchen

    Kicking off this new interview series with a bang and introducing Sophie from! I've followed Sophie for some time via instagram and purchased some of her beautiful wildflower cards and a print. I reached out to her six months ago for help, with product photographs, for my own website. I bundled up a box of skin mousses and a selection of soaps and sent them to her Cork studio. 

    Can I just say, it is not easy to relinquish any creative control when you are an online creative business. It is only possible when you 1) trust the individual and 2) realise, and accept, you absolutely can't do everything and choose what you can delegate, to that individual you can trust.  

  2. This is Me! - Behind The Scenes in Lucy's Soap Kitchen

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    This is me, Behind the scenes Lucys Soap Kitchen

    It's the summer of 2021. My favourite hours are spent like this, pottering in the kitchen garden, with the girls chattering away to me. Emmy - who is almost eight, a wise old soul and my second in command in the soap studio, took this photo of  me.

    Flashback to 2019 and The Leitrim Design House ran a Meet The Maker video series. They featured local makers and creatives from Co. Leitrim. Laura and Padraig came to film me on a damp autumnal November day. I remember that we had the stove lit! I hope the 'behind the scenes' video below, of my attic studio here in rural Bornacoola, will help to introduce me. My hair is much longer now and I've more laughter lines, but my favourite Lucy & Yak navy dungarees are going strong...