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Creative Friends of Lucy's Soap Kitchen - meet the 'Quiet Creative'

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A conversation, creative friends series Lucys Soap Kitchen

Kicking off this new interview series with a bang and introducing Sophie from! I've followed Sophie for some time via instagram and purchased some of her beautiful wildflower cards and a print. I reached out to her six months ago for help, with product photographs, for my own website. I bundled up a box of skin mousses and a selection of soaps and sent them to her Cork studio. 

Can I just say, it is not easy to relinquish any creative control when you are an online creative business. It is only possible when you 1) trust the individual and 2) realise, and accept, you absolutely can't do everything and choose what you can delegate, to that individual you can trust.  


And herein lies the power of Instagram. I've never met Sophie in person. She lives in Cork and I live in Leitrim. Yet over time she has built up such a consistent aesthetic and a work ethic that I felt I could trust and have confidence in her. Sophie over delivered, providing an efficient service. Images were sent to my google drive in formats for me to use on social media and on my website. I love this 'behind the scenes' shot of the photo shoot for my natural, handmade soaps!  

 photo shoot The Quiet Creative

When I decided to begin this regular blog series "Creative Friends of Lucy's Soap Kitchen", Sophie was the first maker I invited. In the creatively inspiring interview/video below you'll find some really insightful answers to the questions; 

  • what led you to start your business? 
  • can you share an important business lesson you've learnt?
  • how do you boost your creativity?
  • how do you manage a chronic health condition and your business?
  • where can we find, shop and support your small but mighty Irish, creative, business? 

I love Sophie's suggestions on how she boosts her creativity. Can you relate? I found listening to Sophie, and her obvious creative passion, inspiring.

And because Sophie, by nature, over delivers and is a generous soul... here is a link to her free wildflower identifiction download, available from her website!

Enjoy! Lucy & Sophie xx


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