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  1. Your Faq's answered - what should I expect from the Cider & Ginger Solid Shampoo Bar?

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    What to expect from a solid shampoo bar_ Lucys Soap Kitchen (2)

    Since the Cider & Ginger solid shampoo bar was released in 2016 it's been my bestselling product. Currently the strong desire for plastic free cosmetics and less plastic bottles in the shower is increasing demand. You might have lots of questions though about what to expect when using the cider & ginger shampoo bar. Read on for a list of frequently asked questions, answered with helpful feedback from customers...

  2. Natural shaving soap for that dry, sensitive itch!

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    natural shaving soap for dry, sensitive itchy skin

    That dry, sensitive skin itch can make shaving such a chore. A burning, painful chore.... 

    Need something calming, soothing that has a creamy lather and is a pleasure to use? I'd love to introduce you to the Handmade Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Shaving Soap, its key features and ingredients.  

  3. What makes Lucy's Soap Kitchen Salt Soaks unique for your bath time?

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    natural bath salts, lucys soap kitchen

    Rest? Relaxation? Soothe muscles? Me Time? Yes please!

    I've always found bathing really helps me unwind and also ease muscle and joint pain (mine stems from hypermobility - eds 3, coupled with weeding & picking up small people far too much). With the current halt in water charges it seems Ireland is relaxing and enjoying bathing again too.

    I want to share why our bath salts blend is unique and the important reason why I make them this way.