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How To Care For Your Handmade Natural Soap

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When I am exhibiting at a show or a craft fair, visitors regularly stop, admire my soapy display but wander off whispering "it smells lovely but that kind of soap just goes all squidgy and I can't use it"!

So if you've ever said or thought that yourself, this is what I want you to know...

A synthetically produced soap bar (which is not soap it's actually detergent) that you typically buy from a supermarket will remain hard because of the additives added for that reason. A traditionally hand-made soap (proper skin nourishing soap) made from plant butters will always have the potential to go 'soft and squidgy' if it's not treated right (a bit like all of us really!!).

So what can help prevent this so it remains lovely to use for its life?

All handmade, artisan soap is different and made to the makers own recipe. Some plant butters and oils do make a softer bar. For example a pure castille soap made purely from olive oil can feel 'slimey' to use. Castille soap is very gentle so some folks gladly put up with the 'slimey' feel but it's not everyone's taste. The point I''m making here is try different bars. Don't conclude all handmade soap is the same. Find one that suits your skin and your preference for feel.
My soap recipe has adjusted over the years. My bespoke soap blend is a good balance of butters and oils that are gentle to the skin and pleasent  (maintaining good hardness) to use. This is achieved partly by significantly increasing the amount of cocoa butter, a hard fruit butter, in the soap blend. It's more expensive for me to make but the bar is so good to use it's more than worth it.
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Here are my top tips for keeping your soap looking and feeling good 'til the end! 
  • When you use a handmade soap bar whether by a sink or in the bath or shower never leave it sat in water. It will be goodbye hard soap bar, hello soft & suidgy!
  • Always use a soap dish with draining holes to let the water run out
  • Don't have a soap dish? Use a dry folded facecloth to rest your soap on  
  • When you have those smaller, harder to use soap pieces left place them all in a soap saver bag which can be used in the shower. I use and now sell eco friendly sisal ones and they are amazing little inventions. I'd never be without mine. Its also gently exfoliating and I don't mess about anymore with small, fiddly pieces of soap. When my girls abuse our soap (by this I mean squidge and/or poke a toothbrush through - no I don't know how-perseverent blighters aren't they!), I don't mind. 'Cos its just not worth sweating the small stuff - into the soap bag it goes.

Want to try a Hemu (renewable fast growth resource) wooden soap dish and a fab sisal soap saver bag? 

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