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  1. Well before launching into all things blog I thought it would be a good idea to start at the beginning and let you know a little about here goes.

    My name is Lucinda but most people call me Lucy, they seem to find it easier to say and remember. I am hurtling far too quickly towards 36. My father's family are from Northern Ireland but I was born in England. I have never lost my accent which wasn't for want of trying - especially during my last school years in Enniskillen! I settled here in rural Leitrim after marrying Steven 6 and a bit years ago. We have a little girl of 4 and an even littler girl of 5 months. I love where we live on our half acre. Through circumstances I have moved around ALOT in the past and I DON'T want to move anymore. Feet firmly planted in my boggy (currently slightly overgrown but very productive) veg patch. I find I need a calmer, quieter life and by choice try to live as sustainably as possible. I'm not perfect in this but I do think about my choices and try to get the balance. I enjoy making my soap and this is expanding slowly into other things - usually dependant on what I or my family needs next (yup-anti wrinkle eye serum already in progress.....) I don't ever plan world domination with my products. Is that ok to admit?? I want it to be a sustainable and viable business but I want it to stay something that enhances my life and doesn't take over or take me away from the more important things.   

    I have a huge amount of things I would love to blog and muse about- hopefully making it interesting and a little bit funny (possibly dependant on if I've had wine or not) along the way. My beautiful 'creative ideas' notebook is being scribbled in furiously at the moment. If there is anything you especially want to ask me or see here leave me a comment and I'll do my best....


  2. A few months ago I was unexpectedly surprised. I found out my husband was a blogger! Not only that but he was the author of two blogs. Two blogs? How could this be? I was our families 'obvious' blogging candidate-not him! I've spent  a significant part of my life 'blogging'...... in my head. A running mental (sometimes verbal!) commentary and obseravtions to myself on all the goings on in my little world. (Hubby says he knows when I'm having an internal conversation from the frowns and movements of my face - slightly worrying). I have my finger in quite a few pies, know a little about all these pies and am always interested to learn more about most things (except car insurance) everybody else is blogging (including my husband) why can't I?????