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How to use your bath bomb making kit - tutorial #1 - Getting started and what you will need!

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What you need to make your own bath bombs - Bath-bomb Kit Tutorial #1

Don't these bath bombs look fab?! They look so sweet and they smell amazing. 

The Bathbomb Making Kit is so easy to use. I made these bath bombs in just 10 minutes using the Lime & Orange pre-blended base and used the  organic calendula petals. Flower petals add such simple but beautiful decoration.

Here is the first video tutorial...

This #1 video in the bath bomb making kit tutorial series covers what you will need to make your bath bombs and shows you the content of the bathbomb making kit!

Equipment you will need

  • A medium sized bowl (for the pre-blended base)
  • 3 small bowls (for the flower petals you want to use)
  • A small fork and spoon
  • A large tray to catch any of the bath bomb base that spills (no wastage here!!)
  • Your little spray bottle of witch hazel

In the video I show you the little spray bottle and recommend filling it with Witch Hazel. 

What is Witch Hazel?

Witch Hazel is clear natural liquid extracted from the witch hazel shrub using steam distallation. You can purchase it from most pharmacies in small bottles. Not only will it help your bath bomb stick together, it's also a really useful ingredient to have in your natural skincare kit. It is a good anti-oxidant and astringent wich makes it super useful for treating acne, and skin bruising and swelling. Excellent to have in your natural first aid kit (along with Emmy's Balm!)

If you really can't find Witch Hazel then you can use water. It just means you will need use your bath bombs quickly, don't keep them for long, as they will potentially deteriorate due to the bacterial content of the water. (Any cosmetic product containing water must use a preservative to keep it safe).

Ready to make natural bath bombs? You will find the bathbomb making kit here! 

Let's open the kit and start to use it with bathbomb making kit tutorial #2

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