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  1. What you will need to make your bath bombs...Bath bomb making kit tutorial #1

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    What you need to make your own bath bombs - Bath-bomb Kit Tutorial #1

    Don't these bath bombs look fab?! They look so sweet and they smell amazing. 

    The Bathbomb Making Kit is so easy to use. I made these bath bombs in just 10 minutes using the Lime & Orange pre-blended base and used the  organic calendula petals. Flower petals add such simple but beautiful decoration.

    This first video talks through What you will need to make your bath bombs and shows you the content of the bathbomb making kit!

    Equipment you will need

    • A medium sized bowl (for the pre-blended base)
    • 3 small bowls (for the flower petals you want to use)
    • A small fork and spoon
    • A large tray to catch any of the bath bomb base that spills (no wastage here!!)
    • Your little spray bottle of witch hazel

    In the video I show you the little spray bottle and recommend filling it with Witch Hazel. 

    What is Witch Hazel?

    Witch Hazel is clear natural liquid extracted from the witch hazel shrub using steam distallation. You can purchase it from most pharmacies in small bottles. Not only will it help your bath bomb stick together, it's also a really useful ingredient to have in your natural skincare kit. It is a good anti-oxidant and astringent wich makes it super useful for treating acne, and skin bruising and swelling. Excellent to have in your natural first aid kit (along with Emmy's Balm!)

    If you really can't find Witch Hazel then you can use water. It just means you will need use your bath bombs quickly, don't keep them for long, as they will potentially deteriorate due to the bacterial content of the water. (Any cosmetic product containing water must use a preservative to keep it safe).

    Ready to make natural bath bombs? You will find the bathbomb making kit here! 

    Let's open the kit and start to use it with bathbomb making kit tutorial #2

  2. Using your bathbomb kit - Bathbomb making tutorial #2

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    Using your bath bomb kit - Bath-bomb Kit Tutorial #2

     Now you have your equipment ready, lets start using your kit and make bath bombs!

    This is bathbomb making kit tutorial #2 

    Using your bathbomb making kit

    Wash your hands & make sure your 'making' space is clean.

    Empty some of the bath bomb mixture into your bowl & mix thoroughly, breaking up any clumpy bits with your fork. If you don't use the full bag of pre-blended base be sure to reseal it to stop air or moisture getting in and 'setting' your unused ingredients.

    Spray some of your witch hazel in, mix well and press it together in your hands. When the mix is ready to make your bathbomb it should stay together like damp sand. In this first photo, the mix is too crumbly. It will just break up when you unmould. 

     bath bomb mix too dry  

     If it is too dry spray more witch hazel into the mixture. Try 3-4 sprays. If it fizzes a little just mix quickly and it will stop. When it feels like damp sand you are ready to make your bath bomb! In this image the consistency of the mix is just right...

     bath bomb mixture ready

    Put the botanicals (flower petals) you would like to use for decoration in one of your small bowls.

    Now you are ready to watch Bathbomb Making Kit Tutorial #3 



  3. Making Your Bath-bombs - Bath-bomb Kit Tutorial #3

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    Making Your Own Bath Bombs - Bath-bomb Kit Tutorial #3

    Your pre-blended bathbomb base is the right consistency and you have your flower petals so now it's time to use the bath bomb mould and make your bath bombs!

    Here is bathbomb making kit tutorial #3

    You don't need to use a purpose made bath-bomb mould. In the image below Gracie is using some chocolate moulds from Lakeland (keep me away from that many lovely things!). She simply pressed her bath-bomb mix into the  moulds firmly and let them dry. Then out they pop, easy peasy. 

    Childrens Bath-bomb Making Kit, Lucy's Soap Kitchen

    Sometimes she is witch hazel spray happy. This means the mix is really too wet (and is sometimes fizzing a little still) when she pushes it in the mould. If this happens don't worry at all. The bath-bomb will swell and dry 'bubbled up' a little (as you can see in the above image). They will still smell amazing and be completely useable.

    For me, it's more important that she is so proud of herself for making them and enjoys this activity than me telling her she's done it wrong. 

    The image below are mini bathbombs that Gracie (7.5years old) made with the pre-blended Lavender base. Once at the right consistency she pressed the base firmly into Ikea ice-cube moulds. They came out prefectly and she needed no help.

    Handmade natural bathbombs, Lucys Soap Kitchen, Ireland've made your bathbombs and you'll want some ideas for wrapping them. 

    How To Wrap You Bath-bombs - Bath-bomb Making Kit Tutorial #4



  4. How To Wrap Your Bath-bombs - Bath-bomb Kit Tutorial #4

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    How to wrap your bath bombs - Bath-bomb Kit Tutorial #4

    I hope you are having fun experimenting with your Bathbomb Making Kit!

    It feels great doesn't it when you finally get the knack of unmoulding without it crumbling! Don't be disheartened if it does crumble - still use it in your bath. It will fizz away and still release its lovely aromas and skin moisturising jojoba oil. I always have a jar on the go of 'home use' mishapes and crumbles.  

    So let's talk about wrapping your bathbombs

    Its not actually necessary that you wrap your bath bombs. A display of bath bombs, like the image below, are so tactile and the aromas are amazing. Think of a LUSH store and how appealing everything looks. This is perfect if your bath bombs are just for personal use. A lovely open wire basket, crate or jar can be used and look so inviting!

    However, when openly displayed they will be open to the damp atmosphere and risk of contamination. So if you want to store them for any length of time do wrap them or give them as a homemade gift then the hygenic, and practical, option is to wrap them. If wrapped immediately, once fully dry, in a clean environment, your bathbombs should remain perfect for at least 6 months.

    Display of natural bathbombs, Lucys Soap Kitchen, Ireland

     What can I use to wrap my bath-bomb?

    Any plastic wrap is probably the easiest option as most households have clingfilm in the house. Wrapping them even temporarily will mean you can think about fancy packaging ideas in your own time and re-wrap at a later date. Usually items that are suitable for food will also be suitable for wrapping your bathbombs. I've used clear and self sealable, individual, cookie bags for my bathbombs in the past. However I'm sourcing eco friendly zerowaste packaging options as it's important to me long term. I will share soon the sources of plant based 'plastic' bags that will compost or biodegrade if it goes into landfill. 

    How inventive  will also depend on the size and shape of your final bathbombs. 

    Click on the bathbomb image below to browse my Pinterest Board 'Bathbomb Inspiration'. There are beautiful images to inspire your creativity and show some practical ideas of how you can wrap and package your homemade bathbombs so that you can gift them with pride!

    How to wrap bathbombs, bathbomb inspiration

    I hope you've enjoyed this series of tutorials. Please use the #mybathbombinspiration on instagram to share your bathbomb photo's made with the kit. I'll share my favourites on the Pinterest board and Instagram and also send you free ingredients!

    If you have any questions leave a comment below or use the contact us form and I will be happy to help and provide further tutorials if needed!


    And if  you've been reading these bathbomb making kit tutorials and it's just something you don't have time for at the moment you will find my own range of Love-heart Bath-bombs here